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Do you own? Your need is to obtain a cash envelope to realize your projects of the moment? Making a buyback with cash for homeowner is the solution to get the desired cash.

The buyback credit for owner how does it work?

The buyback credit for owner how does it work?

The repurchase of credit for owner has as for operation of grouping several loan contracts in one credit. Of course, it is possible to target the nature of the credits to be grouped together. For example, as a homeowner or homeowner, the choice may be towards a restructuring of consumer credit while retaining the mortgage. This can significantly reduce the amount of the monthly charges in order to release more cash at the end of the month.

As the owner, it is quite possible to purchase a partial loan for consumer loans. For example, targeting revolving loans that are replenishable and harmful reserves for good management. The repurchase of revolving credit is the opportunity to transform them into a single fixed rate amortizable credit, and thus be able to purge them according to the depreciation period chosen.

Also, the grouping of credits for owner makes it possible to make a global redemption of all credits in the course of refunding, ie real estate and consumption.

Purchase of credit with cash for owner

Purchase of credit with cash for owner

Although making a purchase of credit for homeowners has the effect of reducing the amount of monthly payments to less than sixty percent, it is also able to benefit in addition to a cash envelope integrated in the plan of Bennet familyment.

The goal is to avoid taking out an additional credit that would further unbalance the management of the monthly budget. The amount of cash is included in the loan amount which allows smoothing with the remaining capital redemption. A financial package that offers borrowers the management of a single monthly payment adapted to their repayment capacity.

The cash can be allocated to a specific expense such as for the realization of work for the improvement of the habitat or the purchase of a vehicle, but also for the Bennet familyment of an event, etc. But it can s’ also act of a cash not allocated to a precise expenditure, ie free of use, or of comfort, etc.

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