What to invest in money – 8 ideas for investment.

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June 7, 2018 What is worth investing in? It depends how much you want to earn and what funds you have. Regularity is important in saving and investing, especially at the beginning. For sure, the sooner you start, the more you will gain. The following text will tell you how to start investing and let you learn 8 proven ways to invest money. 

  1. What to know before investing money?
  2. Investment in p2p loans
  3. Savings accounts and deposits – a sure profit
  4. Treasury and corporate bonds
  5. Investment funds and their types
  6. Porei – an investment in currencies for insightful observers
  7. Investment in cryptocurrencies – is it worth the risk?
  8. Stock exchange – a way of investment not for newcomers
  9. Investing in yourself – raising your qualifications always pays off
  10. How should business owners invest?

Before you start investing money

Before you start investing money

If you start the adventure of investing, you must know that this is a risk-free road. That is why investing is money from generated surpluses. Before you start investing your assets in any venture, make sure you have enough capital to cover your basic needs. Return on investment is never certain, so pay your bills before you buy shares.

Systematic and consistent with the plan action is the foundation of sound investment. However, even if you stick to the plan, you may be surprised by the speculative bubble. A sudden and unannounced release of the exchange rate can also be painful, as the francists found out. So get ready the security. In a crisis situation you will need a financial pillow.

What is a financial cushion?

A financial pillow is in other words an emergency fund that is supposed to provide a sense of security. So before you start investing, put aside money for a rainy day. How high should the amount for the financial pillow be? As the results of the KBYOptima study show, the crisis budget at the level of 3-month salary gives a sense of security only about 20 percent. respondents. And the usual opinion about the desirable value of a financial pillow speaks of three times the monthly income. The average amount ensuring a sense of security in the opinion of KBY surveyed is as much as 69 thousand.

Investing in social loans

Investing in social loans

Social loans are quite an unobvious answer to the question “what to invest money to earn”. What is this about? P2P (social) loans are loans granted by individuals with a capital surplus to other individuals via an online intermediary platform. How to make money from it? By investing money as a lender.

The attractiveness of this opportunity lies in the amount of return on investment (so-called ROI). In the case of online peer to peer loans, the profit may exceed 10%. However, if you come across a borrower who is unreliable, you must take into account the need to start the debt collection process.

Deposits and savings accounts – risk-free profit

Deposits and savings accounts - risk-free profit

Deposits and savings accounts are the safest form of investing. Unfortunately, by creating a deposit, you can not count on spectacular profits. The highest interest rate on deposits currently reaches 4 percent. Savings accounts bear interest at even lower rates. In May 2018, you could count on a maximum of 3 percent.

Is it worth investing in these products? Yes, because they give a guaranteed profit. What’s more, the money put aside will not tempt you, so it will not be spent on current needs and pleasures. Looking from a long-term deposit or account, they can prove to be an ideal investment, which, for example, will finance your daughter’s studies or will make a significant contribution to a new apartment.

What is the difference between a deposit and a savings account? First of all, the funds on the deposit are frozen for some time, usually for several months. Only after this period has the profit been paid out. If you reach for the money earlier, you will most often say goodbye to interest. A savings account usually has a lower interest rate, but your money is always at your fingertips. Withdrawing them, you don’t lose profit.

What to invest in? Treasury or corporate bonds?

What to invest in? Treasury or corporate bonds?

Bonds also belong to the investment products with the lowest risk. These are debt securities. Which means that the entity that issues them undertakes to buy them out after a certain period of time. One of the surest bonds are those issued by the state treasury.

Investing in treasury bonds

Investing in treasury bonds is not associated with a large profit. Currently, the interest rate on securities issued by the Ministry of Finance ranges between 1.5 percent. for 3-month bonds, and 2.7% for 10-year bonds. It is therefore lower than the interest rate on some deposits and savings accounts. However, when deciding to invest in treasury bonds, your profit is almost certain, as the guarantor is the state. Although there are of course situations that the state treasury turns out to be insolvent, e.g. in 2001 Argentina ran out of funds to buy bonds from its creditors.

Investing in corporate bonds

In addition to treasury bonds, there are also corporate bonds. Private companies are their issuer. Investing in corporate bonds can be more profitable. They are simply higher interest rates. However, buying them is also associated with a higher risk. A good example can be the case of ReTurn. According to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the company issued corporate bonds with a total value of PLN 2.58 billion. The company is undergoing restructuring proceedings. ReTurn creditors have been divided into 3 groups, of which only one can count on getting all the money invested back.

The ReTurn example should serve as a warning and signal to be more vigilant in investing. However, it is not worth going to extremes. The complete abandonment of corporate bonds, which are a source of income for many companies and investors, is too hasty a move. However, remember to invest money through various channels. This way you minimize the risk of losing all your savings.

Investment funds

Investment funds

As part of an investment fund, you can deposit money in various types of units, such as:

  • shares of listed companies,
  • Treasury bills,
  • bank deposits
  • other financial instruments.

When choosing a fund, you don’t have to bother with the question “what is worth investing in?”. Specialists from the investment fund company will take care of this for you. This is a good way to multiply money for people who have little knowledge about markets and investments. Risk in funds is effectively eliminated by investing money in various types of instruments.

You can buy investment fund units directly from investment funds or from intermediaries. Banks and brokerage houses sell. You can also shop online.

Investing in currencies

Is it worth investing money in currency? Yes, provided that you take the time to learn about the rules of the market and key decisions will be preceded by long-term observations. The currency can be bought at a bank, in a traditional or online currency exchange. However, the most profitable way to invest in currencies is the Porei market. To start making money on Porei, you must find a brokerage house in which you will set up a trading account. It is enough to fund it with PLN 1,000.

All Porei transactions take place online. Start by trading in virtual currency, which will allow you to gain practice and learn the terminology and principles of Porei. Unfortunately, the odds are often based on speculation and it’s hard to predict. Certainly when deciding to enter Porei, you need to carefully follow the economic information.

Investing in cryptocurrencies – a controversial idea

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a separate topic. Virtual money has taken over the massive imagination and is not out of the mouth of financial experts, ministers, investors and laymen focused on quick profit. The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin, the price of which has increased six times from 2013 to 2016. People who invested in currency based on blockchain technology 5 years ago and sold it at the right time could earn a lot. However, the rate of bitcoin and other popular currencies such as ethereum resembles a sine wave. High volatility and susceptibility to speculation make cryptocurrencies a rather risky venture.

To reduce the risk of investing in virtual money, you can use the recommendations of recognized institutions. Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has presented its own list of the best cryptocurrency blockchains. There is ethereum at the head, and bitcoin only landed in thirteenth place.

Investing in the stock market is not a path for beginners

Investing in the stock market is not a path for beginners

To start investing in the stock market you must first of all:

  • set up an investment account in a selected brokerage office,
  • put funds on the account,
  • start ordering transactions that you can do online.

Until then, everything seems simple, but to achieve a return on investment, you need to be well-versed in market sentiment. The decision on what to invest money in, what shares to choose, is based on two methods. Distinguishes:

  • technical analysis – forecasts based on historical data and analysis of stock market charts,
  • fundamental analysis – forecasts based on information on the state of the economy, company results and general economic conditions.

Regardless of the path chosen, it will require perseverance, meticulousness and at least fragmentary economic knowledge. That is why investing in the stock market is not for everyone. Of course, you can use the help of an adviser. Remember, however, that each investor means less profit.

Investing in yourself gives you the most profit!

Investing in yourself gives you the most profit!

There is one of the most respected investors and richest people in the world. His assets exceed $ 80 billion. This investing guru indicates investment in itself as the best capital investment. What you learn, skills and experience you gain will not be subject to any inflation. The return on investment in yourself, e.g. in the form of promotion and increase after completing post-graduate studies, will be incomparably greater than the profit on the deposit or interest on the bonds.

It is also worth remembering the example of Harry Nox, who admitted that before 40 he did not save a single cent. He invested everything in himself, in the education and improvement of the tools he used. The investments have more than paid off. Nox created the automotive empire and revolutionized the production of cars and more.

What to invest in 2018 if you have a business?

What to invest in 2018 if you have a business?

Who of you runs the company? How much do you spend on advertising? Do you measure the exact revenue generated by marketing expenditure? Are you wondering where to deposit money with a large profit? One of the better answers to the last question will be Facebook. If you haven’t used Facebook advertising yet, it’s time to start!

Why is investing in Facebook advertising profitable?

  • results are visible even if you invest small amounts,
  • return on investment is measurable,
  • money obtained by Facebook can be reinvested, increasing the effectiveness of ads without having to look for additional capital,
  • you can direct Facebook advertising to specific target groups,
  • you don’t need any specialized knowledge to run a campaign, you can get to everything with online tips.


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